Post Flight Analytics

Optimize Your Aviation Operations:
Post Flight Analytics collects smartOFP operational data from every flight, creating a customized reporting tool that empowers operators to enhance their operational performance and achieve substantial cost savings.

Optimize Costs with Strategic Backend Data Analysis

The power of Post Flight Analytics tool lies in its ability to transform data into a customized reporting solution. With access to fuel usage patterns, time statistics, and load analysis, our tool is designed to help you achieve a better cost structure, improving your bottom line while maintaining operational excellence.

Join Post Flight Analytics and start using your operational data to its fullest potential. Discover how our Reporting & Analytics tool can improve your operational processes.

Post Flight Analytics

Fuel Dashboard

At the core of the Post Flight Viewer Reporting & Analytics is our innovative Fuel Dashboard in line with EASA`s fuel/energy schemes (ED Decision 2022/005/R). Gain access to comprehensive statistics and automatic analysis and set base for an individual fuel/energy scheme for your operations. Monitor your fuel/energy schemes for any trends.

Post Flight Analytics

Analytical Insights

With the Post Flight Viewer, you gain more than just data; you unlock insights that can transform your operations. Our platform provides detailed statistics and analysis based on your needs. This invaluable information allows you to anticipate and plan for variations in operational timings, ensuring smoother, more efficient operations.

Post Flight Analytics

Radiation Exposure Evaluation

Because the smartOFP collects and processes large amounts of real-time data during flight using built-in iPad-Sensors, precise 4-dimensional flight tracks are built, which are available on our servers post-flight for a lot of different investigations and reports. In combination with flightplan-data, Aircrew Dosimetry is able to access unrivaled data for their state-of-the-art Radiation Exposure Evaluation System Helios.

As smartOFP user, you can simply enable ACD’s radiation reports by a mouse click.