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Software Development & Engineering

  • Full Stack EFB Software Development
  • Native iOS Mobile Development
  • On-Board Surveillance Camera Integration
  • Integrations with Crew Planning, MRO Software Systems, Flight Planning Systems and many others
  • EFB Administration and Consultation
  • Airbus LPC-NG Integration & Extension
  • ACARS AOC-Applications
  • CPDLC implementation and support
  • SITA Aircom Server Interfaces

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Customized Solutions


  • EFB Systems and Regulatory Compliance
  • EFB Administration
  • Cockpit Data Integration of all kind
  • Flight Operations Content Management
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions
  • OS-Manufacturer-Independent Flight Operational Software
  • Operating System selection
  • ETS (Emission Trading System) Data collection
  • Radiation Reports Data Collection

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We guarantee your successful usage of our Solutions through:

  • Software Support (continued operation)
  • User Support
  • On-site-support
  • Hotline service
  • EFB Device Support through Mobile Device Management


We offer different kinds of training for Ground- and Cockpit Crews. These initial and recurrent trainings are compliant to current regulations.

  • EFB
  • AC Performance
  • Performance Software usage
  • CPDLC usage
our EFB: smartOFP

The smart Mission

  • Next Generation EFB solution which fits in any existing Infrastructure
  • New Level of Integration and Automatization
  • Committed to ARINC Standards
  • Connects to most Crew Planning and Flight Planning - Providers
  • Compliance to EASA and FAA EFB Regulation
  • Not only replacing Paper, but rethinking of Digitalization's Possibilities

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Jens Technau

former A330 & B737 Captain, M.Sc. Computer Science with 20 years experience in EFB software development

Tom Theurich

current A320 PIC and B777 SFO, Aeronautical Engineer B.Eng., with 10 years experience in Flight Ops Engineering

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