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<p>Professional Electronic Flight Folder with time-, fuel- and location-aware Operational Flightplan (OFP) incl. In-Flight-Weather for the last mile of going paperless. Connects right away to PPS Flight Planning and Sklyegs scheduling API. Will connect to any Arinc 633 compliant planning system. Compliant with current AIR OPS regulations incl. circulars.</p>
<p>Cockpit-IT plans and supports the EFB system of a major German premium carmaker`s flight service. Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro X, together with Jeppesen Aviator, will be used as paperless iOS-based EFB solution.</p>
<p>Cockpit-IT Updater imports worldwide SIGMETs and displays them in real time in Lido/eRouteManual. Altitude-values given in SIGMETs are displayed in different colors, the higher the color becomes red. Customer-defined filters and choice of SIGMET-Data provider.</p>
<p>Cockpit-IT Updater installs, updates, and upgrades Lido/eRouteManual to display OTS Tracks, Aircraft Track and SIGMETs. Available as standalone Application or LPC-NG Plugin.</p>
<p>Adding Functions to Lido/eRouteManual through our LPC-NG Updater: Flight Track Extraction, Real-Time-Auto-Adjust of display sizes/resolution, SIGMETs display. Tracks are extracted from EFFs or Briefing Packages.</p>
<p>Add missing functions to Airbus LPC-NG by simply deploying loads.</p>
<p>Guidance in EFB installations, real-world checking for usability of EFB software on certain aircraft and hardware combinations.</p>
<p>Contact Air used the first fully integrated JourneyLog in 2002. It also handled ETS Data by processing, calculating and sending ETS Data to the authorities.</p>
<p>JourneyLog Application. Interfaces with crew planning software and optional with A429 to receive AC movement times. Displays Crew Roster into the future and past, the past with corrected times.</p>
<p>Integration of Airbus LPC-NG – Software into existing Airline software and vice versa. Automated Data Exchange with Flight Operation Departments while bypassing LPC-NG – Bottlenecks.</p>
<p>Customized Electronic Flight Folder  </p>
<p>Integration of AC A429 Data into EFB Applications</p>

About Us

Founder and Owner Jens Technau designs, develops, certifies and teaches EFB systems since the very beginning. He holds a Master of Applied Science in computer science, is a certified Airbus Performance Engineer and has been flying as Captain on A330 and B737 aircraft. He worked as Pilot and Cockpit IT Specialist for several European Airlines. He held presentations as speaker at several international Cockpit-IT, Avionics and EFB Conferences. He also acted as EFB Administrator before starting his own business. He is working with ACARS, hardware, embedded & realtime OS specialists as well as Aircraft-specific systems (like ATSU) - specialists.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide pragmatic and affordable EFB/EFF solutions which integrate easily in existing infrastructure. Commitment to technical aviation standards. No proprietary data formats. In this ever faster changing aviation software world operators need small footprint solutions with full adherence to technical standards. Solutions need to adopt to operators and not the other way round.


1st, 2nd and 3rd level software support, On-site-support, Hotline service, Remote Desktop Support, In-Flight-EFB-Support.


We provide guidance in EFB soft- and hardware decisions, Cockpit Data Integration of all kind. Flight Operations Content Management, OS-Manufacturer-Independent Flight Operational Software, Operating System selection, ETS (Emission Trading System) Data collection


Cockpit Crew Training: AC Performance, Performance Software (EFB) Usage,

Software Development & Engineering

Decades of experience developing EFB, - Backend, - DMS/CMI-Systems for small and large flight operation departments and Fleets, Interfaces to Crew Planing and MRO Software Systems, Journeylogs, EFF (Electronic Flight Folder) Applications, Wx/Notams/Sigmet-Integration into LIDO eRM, Flight Track extraction from EFF, Integration into eRM, Plug-Ins to Airbus Flysmart (LPC-NG) like High-Speed-LPC-NG-Updater, Format-Independent Library Viewer, Aircraft Performance Engineering, ACARS AOC-Applications, SITA Aircom Server Interfaces, Operating System Customization and Certification (Linux and Windows).