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SIGMETs Import into Lido/eRouteManual

Cockpit-IT Updater imports worldwide SIGMETs and displays them in real time in Lido/eRouteManual. Altitude-values given in SIGMETs are displayed in different colors, the higher the color becomes red. Customer-defined filters and choice of SIGMET-Data provider. The import of SIGMETs and OTS tracks is optional, to enable EFB updating without loading this data to enable a test-phase to gain an operational approval.

The Updater is an application delivered standalone or as Airbus LPC-NG Load, called Plug-in. It downloads, installs, customizes, updates, tracks and delivers missing functions to Lido/eRouteManual. It can also update a complete EFB-suite, as long as 3rd-party manufactures offer useful interfaces. For LPC-NG customers, this application frees the operator from the slow, untraceable updating using LPC-NG Loads, which is still based on the assumption of using USB-media for updating. It opens the possibility to exchange parts of the EFB suite while being able to run and update the existing components.